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Our Favorite Spot in St. Louis

With just a couple of visits to St. Louis, it is easy to say Forest Park is our favorite place to go. It is not just a simple park, it is an all day destination. It is one of America’s great urban public parks and it’s easy to understand why even just after one visit! During our first time visit to Forest Park, we spent the morning at St. Louis Zoo.

Then went over to The Boathouse for a leisurely lunch. From our good friend Stephanie, we learned all the food staples you have to get while in St. Louis and toasted ravioli is one of them. The toasted ravioli they had was filled with brisket and provel. Yes, it’s an appetizer, but you can easily make it a meal!

Still in the park, we checked out some of the museums. First we got to the Missouri Historical Museum with just one hour to spare before they closed. It’s a quant museum that we plan to spend more time next time. We rushed through the 1904 World’s Fair exhibit.

Our favorite museum we spent more time in was the St. Louis Art Museum. In each room, we felt more and more inspired. Mia was well interested by the floral painting. Plus a little by making little jokes about some paintings or statues. (Which luckily did not get us kicked out for laughing out loud a couple of times.)

Look Ma! No hands

I cannot wait to return to this park of endless activities and walk the miles of trails. (It has about 6 miles of walking trails that easily cross paths) Maybe bring an Imo’s Pizza to the park for a picnic! I’m already spying a spot by Round Lake or by the Jewel Box.

Hopefully this has inspired you to make a visit!

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