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Disneyland Part One

Mia\’s first visit to Disneyland was last month and what a incredible time we had! Her first ride of choice was King Arthur\’s Carousel.
She wanted to go on again!

Another attraction she enjoyed was the Disneyland Railroad. Seeing the park in the comfort of her own seat was fun. Saved her little legs a lot of walking.
Here she is meeting Mickey Mouse! Mia had an interesting interaction with him. At first he thought Mia was a toy for Pluto and then he tried to put her in his coat pocket! 

One thing we did during our Disneyland trip was the D23 Expo! So much to do in such little time. I waited in lines for events and got to see the Zootopia statue of Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde.
After the Expo, we met up with my friend Pink Bunny at Club 33! It was so nice to hang out together.
Part Two Coming Soon


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